New Report: Putting the public back in public budgeting

Building on its 2014 consultation paper which set out a broad agenda for improving Toronto’s budget process, Better Budget TO (BBTO) conducted a review of the 2015 budget process to assess the city’s progress in building an open, democratic budget process and to recommend opportunities for further improvement.

BBTO’s review assesses the 2015 budget process against four key principles: (1) participation, (2) accessibility, (3) vision and, (4) the use of evidence. While the City of Toronto is making progress on all four of these principles, there remains considerable opportunity to improve, especially when compared to other cities globally that are at the leading edge of open, democratic budgeting.

Download our Full Report: Review of the Budget Process 2015

Download our Executive Summary: Exec Summary BBTO 2015

Better Budget TO (BBTO) is a civic initiative made up of engaged city builders who believe a city’s budget is more than just numbers on a page. City budgets determine direction. They help us achieve the quality of life we want for our neighbours and ourselves. They make a good city great. We are non-partisan, volunteer driven and committed to making Toronto a model of open, democratic and evidence-based budgeting.