Demystifying Budgets

Last week Loran Scholar and CivicAction’s Emerging Leading Network hosted an event to start breaking down the mystery around government budgets. We were happy to participate in a presentation about municipal and provincial budgets and what can be done to make them  more open and accessible. There was a great turn-out and engaging discussion following the presentation. Thanks to the organizers, and Samara Canada for providing the space. For those who were unable to attend, a copy of the presentation is attached here. Find out more about demystifying budgets, and creating an open, visionary, participatory and evidence-based budget process in Toronto by joining on us on May 30th for Better Budget Day 2015!

Demystifying Budgeting at City Hall and Queen’s Park

Better Budget TO (BBTO) is a civic initiative made up of engaged city builders who believe a city’s budget is more than just numbers on a page. City budgets determine direction. They help us achieve the quality of life we want for our neighbours and ourselves. They make a good city great. We are non-partisan, volunteer driven and committed to making Toronto a model of open, democratic and evidence-based budgeting.