Better Budget TO Provincial Election Survey

As part of this provincial election, Better Budget TO sent a short survey to all four major provincial political parties — the Liberals, PCs, NDP, and Green Party — to encourage a focus on better budgeting at both the provincial and municipal levels. Below you can read the survey and see the responses we have received so far. 

Provincial election survey on budgeting

Dear Provincial Political Party:

Better Budget TO is a non-partisan, citizen-led initiative dedicated to improving the City of Toronto’s budget process.

Provincial policy has a major impact on municipal budgets. The province itself faces major fiscal challenges. We also believe that Toronto has something to learn from budgeting practices at the provincial level. For these reasons, and because we think the provincial campaign to date has yielded relatively little debate about effective budgeting, we have decided to conduct a short survey of all four major provincial parties.

We will publish your answers on our website as we receive them.

1. What will your party do to improve the provincial budget process?

2. What will your party do to allow the public to become more engaged in budget-related decisions?

3. What will your party do to support municipalities in improving their financial management, and the openness and accessibility of their budgeting processes?

4. What will your party do to encourage the use of evidence in budgeting?

For further background on Better Budget TO, please consult our website (www.betterbudget.ca) or read our consultation paper, which contains over 20 ideas for how to make Toronto’s budget more visionary, participatory, and accessible (http://www.betterbudget.ca/Resources/BBTO_consultation_paper.pdf).

Please do not hesitate to email info@betterbudget.ca with any questions.


The Better Budget TO team


The Liberals